Placing an Order

Visit the Agency

When you make an appointment to view collections, we take you personally through a product showing.  This involves showing you the stories from each range and how they mix & match, working back with other stories and also what has been the most popular combination.  We also help guide you with size, range and product suitability for your store.

Place Your Booking

Orders are usually placed on the day of your showing, a copy is either given to you onsite, or emailed to you that day.  We encourage you to place your order on the day and then take your order copy away to review.  Any changes need to be made within 7 days of placing your order and must be submitted in writing to the agency. Some manufacturers charge cancellation fees if changes are made outside the 7 days.


Most manufacturers have a terms and conditions / order confirmation that will be required to be signed at the time of placing your order.  Orders will not be accpeted or processed without your signature.  If you are a NEW store or NEW customer to the brand, they may require a deposit be paid at time of ordering your indented stock.  This deposit is paid direct to the manufacturer within 7 days of placing your indent order, the balance is due before shipping commences.

Buying Tips

Before you visit the showroom have in mind the following:

  • Choose the labels you want to stock.
  • Look at new labels being offered.
  • Buy your garments in stories and size runs.
  • Stagger deliveries where possible.
  • Budget, medium, prestige : decide on your product mix
  • Ask about minimum orders : each range has a minimum dollar value per order
  • Delivery charges
  • Terms of trade : each range has different trading terms to consider – COD, 5% 7 days, 30 days net etc. etc.
  • Arrange childcare for the day of your appointment – you need to concentrate on your buying !

Go Ahead and Book a Showing

All our ranges are available for viewing, by appointment, in our Brisbane showroom.  Book an appointment with Kate to see the ranges in person.

Important Things you Should Know Before Starting a Fashion Retail Store

  1. When you have made the big decision to open a shop or buy one already operating, it’s time to check with The Gibson Agency to see what ranges will be available in your area.  A quick phone call will determine if the ranges you want to stock are currently available for you to purchase.  The ordering time may have finished, the range may have sold out, another retailer next door may already be a stockist – there are quite a few things to consider.
  2. Before you can place an order you need to have a lease on premises, an opening date and a registered business name.
  3. You will need to have your operating budget in mind before you start ordering as you will be required to pay on a proforma basis with most manufacturers for your first season and even second season in some cases.
  4. Many clothing manufacturers now operate on an indent ordering basis i.e. you view and select the styles you require for your shop at least 3 to 4 months ahead of delivery time.  The garments are made up to your requirements eg. sizing and colours and in many cases there is very little or no stock available on season.  Consider your opening dates and the availability of stock at that time – we can give you a guide as to what is still available.
  5. Your ordering is done in our showroom in Brisbane.  During the busy indent time we work to appointment only.  We are able to give you a rough idea of range showing dates (see above) but these dates can change if there are any problems at the manufacturers  end.  If you have to travel to Brisbane, please check with the agency before booking air or rail travel.
  6. Credit applications – Before any orders can be placed on your behalf, we require a credit application for each of our manufacturers to be completed with full personal and business details and addresses, bank details, ABN number, and credit references.